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eye makeup

Of all the features to play up, the eyes are the most transformative. Did you know you are able to tweak your age depending on how you shade? Here’s how!

Young and fresh

A nude, natural eye with lots of lashes creates a youthful, wide-eyed appearance. Less is more here!

  • The eye naturally has a little redness in it, so it’s always a good idea to cover this area with a sweep of foundation over the movable lid.
  • Once the foundation is applied – liquid or cream is best for this area as it moves so much – then simply press your warm ring finger into a bronzing cream, a golden cream illuminator or even your apricot lip cream. All of these products can work beautifully to give the lid a natural, ‘done’ appearance when on the run.
  • Press from the inner corner of the lid outwards, cleaning up any excess product around the eye crease or lash line with a cotton tip.
  • Just add mascara and you have a nude eye without the need to invest in extra products – or time!

Mature with more

When creating a smoky eye, you are able to illuminate two features; more piercing eye colour and a strong focus on the top of the face. This is a great look when you want a dramatic, mature appearance.

  • Always begin with a pencil or cream liner – ever so slightly lining the eye – to ensure there is definition between the lid and the mascara.
  • I have chosen three colours from the same tonal family - chocolate, auburn and light gold – and using the medium / lighter colour, I’ve pressed pigment into the movable with my fingertip.
  • You can use a small eyeshadow brush – which helps more accurate application – always flicking out any product upwards to enhance the almond shape.
  • Then, get your darker colour and run it along the lash line with a very fine eye brush – again, flicking outward and upward at the outer corner - so the darker shade creates the almond effect and really gets in the crease and elongates the outer eye shape.
  • You can then also run the mid and dark colour under the eye line with the shadow brush to complete the almond smoky eye shape.
  • Add mascara and then come back with the lightest highlight shade and press it with your fingertips into the brow bone to create height in the brow. Also applying it in the inner corner of the eye gives a pop of luminosity.

Youthful and fun

No matter what your age, using bold, bright colour is a fantastic way to add interest to an everyday beauty look.

  • In this case, I’ve chosen from the blue family, but you can also rock this look with gold, greens, and violets – the works!
  • Firstly, I line the eye with a blue eye crayon – I’ve used Estee Lauder Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick in Indigo Smoke, $36 - run gently from the inner corner of the eye outwards with a small, clean eyeshadow applicator.
  • As this is a bright colour and I want to dull it down a little, I have then applied a dusting of blue shadow across the moveable lid with an eyeshadow brush.
  • You can drape this as much as you like to darken it up – or, as I have done – keep it really subtle so that the pop comes from the eye line and it’s not too OTT.
  • So easy, so stunning. Two products, one KAPOW!

Top Tip:

When applying powders to the lid, I have become very good at holding a folded tissue under my application hand – resting against my upper cheek – to catch any shadow residue. Do try this at home! If you let residue fall on your face, you then just have to cover these mistakes with powder, which layers into under eye creases and makes you look older!