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Redensity: the new weapon
in the fight against ageing

Meet Australia's newest weapon in the fight against ageing, Redensity, which has just hit our shores after rave reviews internationally. Victoria Murphy road-tested this revolutionary beauty procedure and it's changed the way she thinks about postponing the ageing process.

We all know the biggest factor in ageing is UV exposure, so it's no surprise many Australian women find themselves searching for ways to hold off or reverse the signs of ageing.

After all, we do live in the ‘sunburnt country’ and - chances are - if you’re old enough to be considering a cosmetic procedure for ageing, you grew up in the sun with no hat and little sunscreen.

As we get older, those long days at the beach begin to show up on our face and the skin's ability to stay hydrated diminishes. There are many quick-fix solutions to mask the ageing process, such as fillers and Botox, but treatments for the entire face have been limited.

Redensity is a game-changer: the product is placed under the skin by microneedles to hydrate the entire face and physically plumps the skin by attracting and retaining water. As an added bonus, it gives you the benefits of self-rejuvenation, as the method used to place the product under the skin is similar to skin needling.

The product

Redensity is a hyaluronic acid (HA) based gel, which also contains a combination of amino acids and anti-oxidants: all of which are found naturally in the skin.

HA is an essential element which retains water like a sponge and the skin uses it to stay hydrated, but as we age the amount we have gradually decreases. By injecting Redensity under the skin, you can actually replace your skin's lost HA, effectively erasing years of ageing.

The procedure

To place any product under the skin obviously involves needles and some degree of discomfort, but don’t be scared off by the medieval-looking gun used to administer Redensity - it’s actually not that bad.

The injector is attached to a machine and a doctor will use it to suck a section of skin up. The microneedles then inject the product and the machine releases that section of skin. This process is repeated all over your face and takes around half an hour.

It’s nowhere near as painful as fillers or Botox and your face will be numbed before the treatment. Sensitive areas around the nose and lips will still make you squirm a little, but no pain, no gain!

The results

Results will take a few days to start showing up, but when they do, you'll gradually appear fresher. Fine lines will disappear as they're physically plumped by your skin, as it reabsorbs the moisture it has lost over time: it’s basically like giving your face a massive drink of water.

Image: Before and after Redensity

After a while, you'll look like you’ve just had two weeks off work on a tropical island doing yoga and drinking litres of coconut water a day (minus the tan of course, because that’s bad for your skin!).

This certainly isn’t a lunchtime procedure, as you'll have small bumps all over your face for a few hours afterwards, but they disappear pretty quickly.

And as with anything that actually works, you will have to pay for it. Laser Clinics Australia Laser Clinics Australia has just started offering the product and is currently the best-priced at $650 per treatment, which is called Micro Filler. For optimal results, they suggest three treatments over three months, but you'll see results after just one treatment and the product will last around 12 months.