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Cult beauty buy: Cinch
Face Cheat Moisture + Glow

Great skin and having enough time to achieve it haven't always gone hand in hand. Markeeta Waddington loves the idea of having an extensive regime to pamper her skin, but who has time for that?

I often have the intention of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, applying a serum, a day and night moisturiser, massaging in an oil etc. but in reality I don't have a spare couple of hours each day to get through it all.

The only trouble is, I still want to show my skin some love and thankfully a Melbourne-based mum of two has a pretty good solution.

It all started when Renee Moore, who’d worked in the cosmetics industry for 20 years and is a self-confessed skincare and beauty junkie, got pregnant and realised that having a newborn and a 9-step skincare routine wouldn’t gel.

After searching around for the answer, she came up short so simply decided to make it herself.

Now the Cinch Face Cheat Moisturiser + Glow has the answer to five of the most common skin worries and comes in a spray and a cream.

So, what exactly does it do?


Forget about what you think you know about a face spray - this one has a much heavier texture than most water-based mists you’d be familiar with.

Renee advised me that when she first started using the product, her skin was very dry so she'd spray it onto her palms before massaging into her face for an extra quenching hit.

Given my face also errs on the dry side, especially across my cheeks, I was happy to take on Renee's tip and within a week I had moved on to spraying it directly onto my face.

Sometimes it was difficult remembering to hold the spray quite close (10cm) to my face but since it's replacing the moisturiser step, you really need to in order to get the full benefits.

As my skin is a little sensitive, the spray made my skin tingle a little but not in an uncomfortable way, more like a zing of 'I'm awake now'.

Personally, I prefer the cream as I'm more of a tactile person and the consistency is dreamy - light and deeply hydrating at the same time.

Anti-ageing properties

One of the most interesting aspects to this product is that it contains Superox-C - a powerhouse ingredient that has proven results.

“Superox-C is the real hero and features Kakadu plum, which is native to Australia and a strong source of Vitamin C,” Renee says. “It will help smooth and reduce lines and wrinkles, and works long-term to brighten skin.”

Minimises pores

Both the Face Cheat spray and cream are designed to help smooth and minimise the appearance of pores.


Aside from the skincare benefits, this product also gets your face prepped for foundation. Renee explains that the formulation has been designed to provide the best base for your makeup, effectively eliminating another step in your beauty routine.

I found this benefit particularly time-saving as I'd usually apply my moisturiser, wait a few minutes for it to absorb, then primer, then foundation.

Once rubbed in both the spray and the cream were dry to the touch, creating an instantly ready-to-go base for my foundation.

Gives a glow

The icing on the cake is the pearlescent sheen, which gives your complexion a natural glow.

“We chose a pearl-based colour pigment with no sparkle or shimmer so it can suit every skin shade and every age,” Renee says.

Having slightly dull skin during the winter months, I was excited to see if it gave me a dewy complexion and I wasn't disappointed.

Renee suggests spraying some product onto two fingers and tap them onto your browbones and cheekbones for an added highlight.

Expert tips

Renee explains that one of the unintended benefits is that it acts as a great makeup finishing spray. Simply spray on holding it further away from your face, similar to how you would a traditional face mist, then pat it in.

The cream can easily double as a hydrating mask, Renee reveals. “When I travel I apply a thick layer of the cream and let it sit, then tissue off or massage in the excess – great for normal to dry skin types,” she advises.