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Three simple steps
for flawless foundation

Applying foundation well is a beauty skill that’s surprisingly harder than you might think.

The best foundation is all about a subtle, even finish. Remember you're trying to finesse your complexion, not create a completely different one! Beauty guru Emma Charlotte Bangay shares her best-ever tips for creating a flawless foundation that lasts all day and works with every complexion.

Clean Up Your Act

  • Good foundation is all in the preparation. Before you even think about applying base, prep your skin to remove any residue, dry skin and soothe rough patches.
  • Apply moisturiser in upward patting motions, and then pat flat in the same direction as any fine hair growth.
  • Leave any skin care product to absorb for five minutes. Dry your hair! Paint your nails! Finish eating that burnt toast! Then, dot and press foundation into the midline of the face and cheeks.
  • I like to use a creamy foundation – in this case CLARINS True Radiance Perfect Skin Foundation, $40 – colour matched to the inner wrist. I always apply in daylight to ensure that the colour "disappears" rather than sitting on the face.

Even it out

  • From here, blend out with a fresh, clean foundation brush from the centre of the face, outwards to the hairline. Be sure to use smaller circular motions when blending around the hair, ears and jaw to avoid any build up.
  • Always check yourself in a mirror outdoors. Then, if there any areas that still show darkness or redness, I’m talking to you, under-eyes! Dot your concealer over the foundation. Yes, over it! If you apply concealer first, you will likely remove it when applying your foundation, so this makeup artist trick is one to live by.
  • Foundation works to "push out" any darker areas, so it is particularly good in nasolabial folds (beside the mouth).

Blend, and Blend Again!

  • Using a new clean brush, blend the concealer in ever so gently and finish with a sweep of illuminating bronzer.
  • Steer clear of matte powders as they love settling in fine lines and creases, which can be super ageing. They also reduce any luminosity and radiance you may have enhanced with this simple foundation application.