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5 healthy
blow-drying habits

Ever wondered how hairdressers give you the perfect blow dry without a frizzy, heat distressed strand in sight? Thankfully, these five healthy habits will whip your at-home blow dry into shape.

Stewart Foreman, Remington Brand Ambassador and professional hairdresser, reveals his top tips for how to properly blow dry your hair, sans damage.

The right settings

Instead of blasting your hair with the highest heat setting on your blow dryer, Stewart suggests using a medium heat to get your hair to about 70 per cent dryness. Once your hair is about 70 per cent dry, Stewart says that's when you can grab a brush and style into your desired look.

As for what speed setting you should use, Stewart recommends adjusting it to the thickness of your hair.

"If you have thick hair, the fastest speed setting is the best, whereas if your hair is more of a medium to fine texture, I would recommend the medium speed setting," he says.

Handling the hair dryer

There's no special flick of the wrist to nail a blow dry, but Stewart says there are some important things to remember.

"Ensure you aren’t placing the dryer too close to the hair or scalp, as you risk burning them," he warns.

"It’s best to keep the dryer about 1cm away from the brush you are using as it shouldn’t touch the hair at all."

Protect against the heat

Even if you're only using a medium heat, don't forget to give your locks an extra touch of love by using a heat protectant.

"Before any hot tools touch the hair, always ensure some form of heat protection is applied to help combat heat damage," Stewart says. "I would also recommend combing through a nice moisturising cream on wet hair prior to drying, as well as using a dedicated heat protecting spray on each section before using an iron or tong."

Keep it cool

All throughout the blow dry, Stewart says the most important thing is to make sure your dryer is set to the right temperature so your hair doesn't fry.

These days there's a range of hair tools available that only reach a certain temperature, in order to help avoid permanent damage to your strands.

"I love using Remington’s new Infinite Protect Hair Dryer as it ensures you are using the right temperature without having the think about it," he says.

Also, don't forget to blast the hair with a cool shot at the end, to seal the cuticle for a smoother, sleeker finish.

Finishing touches

If you've given your hair a few waves with your dryer, Stewart recommends tilting your head upside down and brushing your fingers through, for a more natural result.

"Finish with a nice shine spray or serum for that sleek, glossy look. If you want a softer, beachy textured look, use a dry shampoo or texture spray."